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Industrial Maintenance

hth companies offers industrial maintenance support services throughout the Midwest to a variety of industries and customers.

Whether your needs are temporary staffing, embedded maintenance support, start up and outage support, or small cap projects hth has highly functioning teams capable of solving your problems. Our team will work with you to identify needs and facilitate the skilled support and management needed to ensure success.

Temporary Staffing

Often extra support is needed in a specific trade or discipline for a short duration based on plant operations. Temporary staffing can be beneficial when additional projects arise for maintenance crews or seasonal peaks exist and upstaffing is needed a few months out of the year. hth companies can provide the additional maintenance support needed for these situations. hth companies’ highly skilled employees can also be embedded into your maintenance teams working in conjunction with your teams and on-site management.

Embedded Maintenance Support

hth works directly with plant management and maintenance personnel to support and facilitate the successful operation of the plant. hth employees are managed by hth companies and fulfill daily work assignments issued from the plant management. Hth supervision works with plant management to optimize staffing based on necessary skill set, schedule, and work demands to optimize maintenance cost. A focus is put into cross training personnel in multiple trades and crews are tailored to your plant’s specific needs. By using hth companies our customers can vary the size of their maintenance crew based on workload on a daily basis to optimize maintenance cost thus reducing overhead costs often associated with plant personnel. hth management emphasizes the partnership with the customer to create an environment where everyone understands the customer’s success is key.

Start Up & Outage Support

hth companies can provide the support needed for the most demanding plant outages. Annually hth provides support on over 50 outages ranging in scope from 10 to over 100 employees in multiple trade disciplines. Our employees specialize in outage work and understand that unexpected issues often arise. They are excellent at adapting and making adjustments during a project to ensure the plant still starts up on time. They do all of this while most importantly keeping safety at the forefront. hth management understands in this environment communication with the customer is vital to the success of the project and keeps them up to date on project status. Lastly, a successful outage doesn’t stop onsite at hth companies our time and billing onsite are transparent and set-up for ease so there are no surprises. Let us help facilitate your next outage with our experienced outage team.

Turn Key Project Support

hth companies can be your partner in your next small cap project. Most projects require a variety of trades, detailed coordination, and management to be successful. hth companies has the skills required to handle your next project from beginning to end and give you the results you want from a one stop shop.

Support Services Offered:

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Millwright Services
  • Pipe fitting and Welding
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Welding
  • Scaffolding
  • Insulation
  • Painting / Coatings
  • Hydro-blasting and Vacuum Truck Services
  • General Labor & Process Support
  • Civil
  • Carpentry
  • Safety Support
  • Confined Space Rescue
Business Inquiries
Business Inquiries
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