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Industrial Cleaning

hth companies offers a variety of industrial cleaning solutions.

Equipped to meet the demands of routine maintenance, pre-commissioning or decommissioning projects, scheduled outages, and emergency response services hth companies has the depth of equipment and skilled personnel to make your project a complete success.

Vacuum Trucks

hth operates an extensive fleet of over 25 specialized vacuum trucks throughout our service areas. With our diverse fleet of vacuum trucks, we are certain to have the truck for most any job. Our fleet consists of classic air machines, NX machines, dense phase offload, liquid vacuum, liquid rings, combination units, and high dump vacuum trucks. hth companies recognizes safety as paramount when operating a Vacuum Truck. We have put an emphasis on training and implemented the WJTA’s Blue Book as our standard for safe operation.


Our skilled technicians are trained in a variety of water blasting techniques ranging from lancing, using shotguns, and 2D & 3D tank cleaning set-ups. They have the skill and equipment to complete the most challenging jobs. hth companies regularly works with pressures ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 p.s.i. depending on customers’ needs. Pump’s range from 325 HP to 600 HP and can provide the high volume GPM needed for the hardest jobs. Moreover, hth takes great pride in our cleaning processes and employee safety utilizing WJTA’s Orange Book to ensure a safe productive worksite.

Hands Free / Automated Methods

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders that deploy new alternative cleaning methods that remove employees from potential line of fire hazards. hth companies currently operates several hands-free tube cleaning set-ups, vacuum robots, and several other automated and semi-automated cleaning methods. Feel free to contact us to better understand these solutions and how they could be used for your next project.

Water-Free Cleaning Methods

We understand that water is not always the best solution. In those cases, hth companies has the skill, resources, and ability to facilitate one of our other forms of cleaning services. These services include Dry Ice, Sponge, or Grit to name a few.

hth Project Managers are always evaluating ways to package services to provide additional value to our customers. By utilizing multiple cleaning options, combining services, streamlining coordination, and using multi-trade craftsmen we are leaders at providing economical and efficient solutions.

Business Inquiries
Business Inquiries
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